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Kaktus Capital invests in early stage, branded consumer companies founded by ambitious entrepreneurs eager to improve the commerce experience. We believe that consumers fall in love with brands that connect, elicit strong emotion, and speak to the heart of the consumer. While technology may facilitate and improve the consumer experience, it is the emotional soul of a brand that compels consumers. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to drive new ideas, open new markets or approach an existing market differently. Kaktus Capital owns the Mitchell Madison Group, a world-class management consulting firm, which we leverage to assist our portfolio companies in a variety of areas. We maintain close relationships with our portfolio companies and often take on advisory or board roles.

Our Team


Deborah Benton is an Investment Partner at Kaktus Capital. Deborah brings over 20 years of consulting and operational experience with a strong focus on fast growth e-commerce and retail businesses. Deborah has led investment efforts on a number of consumer brands in the fashion, media and beauty industries. She assists clients in a wide array of areas including retail strategy, supply chain management, cost reduction and control, organizational design and operational scaling. Deborah holds a number of Board of Director and Advisory Board positions.

Deborah Benton
Founding Partner & Managing Director

Hans Dau is the Managing Partner of the Mitchell Madison Group. Over his 25-year consulting career, he has served C-level executives of large public companies, private equity firms and other institutions. He has worked in Europe, Asia and North America with a focus on devising creative solutions for complex issues and unlocking substantial value for his clients and their shareholders.

Hans Dau

Sam Cruz is a Financial Analyst at Kaktus Capital and a Junior Associate at the Mitchell Madison Group where she supports the investment team with modeling and analysis. At MMG, Sam executes strategic sourcing projects aiming to achieve cost reductions and improve overall business performance for both portfolio companies and large international firms alike. She has handled data analysis for various expense categories through advanced programming using complex tools and strategies.

Sam Cruz
Financial Analyst

Apurva Nair is an Advisor to Kaktus Capital and portfolio companies. Apurva advises on business development, strategic initiatives, and cost optimization. Apurva has served C-level executives across industries of large public and private companies and private equity firms.

Apurva Nair

Paolo Cacnio is a Operations & Process Engineering Analyst with MMG Management Consulting Inc. and is currently assigned to Kaktus Capital where he drives performance improvement at the portfolio companies. As a Consultant at the Mitchell Madison Group, Paolo has served clients in retail, manufacturing, and telecom industries, with deep expertise in strategic sourcing, operations improvement, process engineering, financial analysis, cost modeling, big data analytics, and sales effectiveness. Paolo has a strong track record of delivering data-driven recommendations based on complex quantitative models to his clients.

Paolo Cacnio
Outside Consultant


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